FAQ (LooBr)

1. Do I have to create an account to use LooBr?
To browse the selection of NFTs available, it is not necessary to create an account. To list or buy NFTs on the marketplace, you will need an account and your wallet connected. To participate in the social feed, you must be logged in.
2. What is $MR and how do I get it?
$MR is the native token within the MetaRuffy ecosystem that fuels LooBr. Purchases for RuffyWorld are priced and executed with the $MR token.
3. How can I verify myself?
You can verify yourself in your profile settings and be visible throughout the social feed with your KYC badge.
4. How can I connect my social media accounts with LooBr?
Go to your profile settings and link your social media accounts.
5. Where can I find my purchased NFTs?
The NFTs purchased can be found under the "Owned" tab in your profile (while your wallet is connected)
6. What are the fees (gas, mint, buy, sell) for LooBr?
Depending on which chain you use the gas fees differ. The mint fees are 0%, the same as the buy and sell fees.
7. How can I upload and create an NFT on LooBr?
Connect your wallet. On the top right you will see create, where you can upload your NFT and mint it, and list it within LooBr. (First, you need to mint your NFT, Later you can choose to upload it on the Marketplace)
8. How do I contact LooBr support?
You can contact LooBr support via [email protected]
9. NFT collection Connect your wallet, and click on the create button (top right).
10. Auction
You can create an NFT auction, where you define the terms and the timeline for the auction.
11. LooBr Fees? Marketplace 1%
12. How do I stake MR tokens?
Click on the "Staking" tab and visit our dApp., you can choose between a 30, 90, or 180 day lock with up to 20% APY.
13. Buy land or assets for Ruffy World?
You can buy land or assets within our marketplace using the $MR Token.
14. What is LooBr Score?
To understand the LooBr score system visit: LooBr score​
15. Artist Royalities? 0%-10%
16. How do royalties work?
Royalties can be between 0-10%. Every trade/resell of your NFT collection on the secondary market entitles you to royalties.
17. How to become a featured artist on the LooBr Marketplace?
18. What files can I upload?
PNG, GIFs, WEBP up to 20 MB per file can be uploaded.
19. Can I enlist my NFTS?
If it is not an auction you are able to enlist your NFT.
20. Can I change the price for my NFTs afterward?
Once published, you must wait until the auction time you set expires; then, you can make the adjustments on LooBr.
21. Can I showcase my NFTs on LooBr and also on other NFT marketplace at the same time?
The same NFT can not be published on another marketplace simultaneously. However, as soon as you own the NFT, you can also sell it on other marketplaces if you did not list it on LooBr.
22. What is a rarity score?
Rarity Score gives results that emphasize single rare traits and includes overall trait rarities in its calculation.
23. NFT History
The NFT history and previous owner can be seen on the respective Chain-Scanner or within the NFTs history on LooBr itself by clicking on the NFT profile.
24. What is proof of authenticity?
A checkmark badge on an account means that the account has been verified for authenticity by LooBr.
25. What is IPFS? The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system. IPFS knows how to find what you ask for using its content address rather than its location.
26. Can I get banned? Black listed?
If you conduct shady business according to our Terms & Conditions, you might receive either a soft ban or a complete ban from LooBr.
27. What kind of content is not allowed? Any kind of pornographic, racist, offensive to any culture, race, or religion is not tolerated and will be banned.
What are the popular NFT sizes that are generally used in the NFT industry?
  1. 1.
    CryptoPunks: 336 px square
  2. 2.
    Bored Ape Yacht Club: 631px square
  3. 3.
    VeeFriends: 640px x 860px
  4. 4.
    World of Women: 800px square
  5. 5.
    Cool Cats: 1080px square