Featured NFT Artists

Metaruffy is looking for aspiring and established NFT artists. However, we still want you even if you're already listed on another platform! We aim to help you tell your stories in new and exciting ways through your art by offering you a platform to do so, our marketplace.
We look forward to learning more about you and your art, from your bios to your websites, your YouTube and Instagram channels, etc. If you're interested in being one of the MetaRuffy featured NFT artists on our marketplace, then go ahead and fill out the form and we will review your profile and get back to you with our answer. Due to the limited available space, not all the applicants will be able to be in the featured section of the marketplace, but be assured that we will try and help you in any way we can.
All our featured NFT artists will also be featured and proudly displayed in our NFT Gallery in the Ruffy World Metaverse.
We've got you covered if you're starting to be the next breakout NFT artist. The MR creative team is ready and willing to help you get started and offers this service; we can generate your art to NFTs, write your metadata, or both! Contact us today!