LooBr Score

A score system that will enable various exclusivity on LooBr.
An exclusive feature of LooBr™ is you do not simply buy an NFT, you purchase its entire history. This unique feature transfers all the statistical data collected, such as trade history, likes, comments, replies, and social media interactions from the initial NFT minting. Each aspect is given a value, which along with the owner's score, composes each NFT’s unique LooBr Score. After purchase, you can re-list or exhibit your NFT, knowing that the LooBr score does not only remain with it but continues collecting and adding data for as long as you own it.


1 views = 1 point
1 likes = 2 points
1 comment = 3 points
1 share = 1 point

Artist / Owner Profile

KYC = 1000 points
Bio filled = 5 points
Social links, each field = 5 points
Profile pic = 5 points
Profile banner = 5 points
Sold NFT = 25 points
Bought NFT = 25 points