Concept of Land

This page will describe the concept of land within Ruffy World.
  • Land Plots are pre-designed plots with different rarities allowing you to build your virtual place within Ruffy World.
Design Land
  • As a base concept, the land size is designed on a 1x1 basis.
  • The 2D and 3D characteristics are conceptualized and finalized by the creative team.
Implement land plots into Ruffy World
  • The land plots are integrated into Ruffy World within its Unity-based game engine.
  • The interaction between Ruffy World and WalletConnect (Web3) is established.
  • A test environment is set up to test the visualization and test for bugs.
  • After successful testing and acceptance by the developer team, the update is deployed onto Ruffy World.
NFT Builder
  • The NFT builder offers a simple user interface for land owners to be their architects and combine NFT assets to build virtual real estate.
  • The assets within the NFT builder will have different prices depending on what you want to build. Meta Ruffy will provide a basic package of complementary assets. You can buy additional assets and use them on your land plot for additional features.
  • Connect your Wallet to our DApp and start creating with your own designs.
  • After creating your virtual real estate establishment, integrate it into one land plot you bought with that specific Wallet.
Log into Ruffy World and enjoy your newly built virtual establishment!
Land Plots are available on