MetaRuffy is an open world in the metaverse based on the latest technology, merging web3.0, blockchain, VR, and AR.
Our business focus and motivation is to be a dominant force in the entertainment sector of the metaverse industry. Ruffy World, our metaverse, defines the core principle of our vision with a family-friendly environment and limitless potential. Through constant growth and adapting quickly to changes, MetaRuffy has established an agile environment for a group of industry experts to foster and lead those curious about the metaverse toward mass adoption.
Executive Summary
Ruffy World Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) powered by NFT technology. Players can go on epic adventures, fight each other in galactic battles, explore unique worlds, and have actual ownership of their game assets. The game is built on Ethereum and is fueled by our $MR token. It offers play-to-earn mechanics and a way to collect and trade items that matter via NFTs.
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