Super Ruffy

Super Ruffy is a collection of 512x512 pixel NFT art image randomly generated NFTs available as part of the LooBr mystery box collection.
Each NFT art is hand-drawn and created in Adobe illustrator and Procreator. No two Super Ruffy NFTs are precisely alike, and a single NFT collector can officially own each. The NFT collections consist of 10K randomly generated Super Ruffys that have been put together from 217 traits with 67 different traits for the 100 super rare Super Ruffy, a total of 284 traits. Although each piece is unique and does not look exactly like any other, some characteristics are much rarer than others.
Super Ruffy is the second 10k NTF Collection from MetaRuffy, and the entire core team contributed to the Super Ruffy collection. The Metaruffy original collection sold out in under five days.