Executive Summary

The Company MetaRuffy International FZCO (HQ in Dubai) is the parent company of MetaRuffy, and the subsequent products Ruffy World and LooBr.
Our Story The ideas for the Ruffy World metaverse were first doodled as a simple drawing after a vivid dream while CEO and Founder Cihan Sasmaz was on vacation. Sasmaz has made it his life's focus and priority to make this literal dream a reality he can share with the world. Ruffy World is being created to be a family-friendly full-world experience for gamers education lovers of all ages across all platforms. LooBr was begun as the DAPP for Meta Ruffy and RuffyWorld, where in-game assets could be traded in the form of NFTs. Innovation is second-nature to the Meta Ruffy team, so a simple DAPP would never be good enough. Ruffy World would be the most innovative metaverse, so our NFT Marketplace was destined to dominate the market with unique features and design as well. Mission accomplished.
Team Cihan Sasmaz is a successful entrepreneur with many years of experience in project development, team building, and creating innovative real-world functionalities. To that end, he has assembled a team of subject matter experts for the development and realization of the MetaRuffy ecosystem. Vision Our long-view focus is to position MetaRuffy as the definitive Mobile VR Entertainment market leader. We are using a unique approach leveraging our early mover advantage and the team’s deep industry expertise and relationships.
Growth and Scale Environment The Meta Ruffy team has a collective desire to integrate a cryptocurrency platform with entertainment and education purposes, and to make it easily available worldwide without the need for the latest high-tech equipment.
Community MetaRuffy connects communities of different kinds, and we make communities of friends. Creating a modern culture that believes the future of financial freedom is tied to our planet and our connections to each other is a fundamental piece of our core values. Also of utmost importance to us is to offer our worldwide community a quality university education at no cost, as well as provide the opportunity to establish their own businesses.
Quality The MetaRuffy team is driven to create innovative products and deliver superior upgrades to gameplay, game modes, and graphics, where blockchain technologies merge with enjoyment and sustainability.
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