Investor relation

Metaruffy International FZCO is committed to providing timely, orderly, consistent, and credible information to its investors and the general public.
We believe in full transparency, imperative for both positive and negative information, and that all required and voluntary disclosures have a balanced view relative to the performance and prospects of Metaruffy International FZCO and its business.
We believe all Metaruffy International FZCO employees, officers, directors, and independent contractors, whether directly dealing with investors as their primary responsibility or not, must follow this Policy.
Monitoring the Company's business, corporate developments, public announcements, investor discussions, and communications activities, and ensuring that these comply with this Policy regarding content and timing.
Performing the actions needed for disclosing, as appropriate, material information about Metaruffy International FZCO's current or prospective business, governance, and financial performance, in a formal, transparent and timely manner.
Communicating efficiently with current and potential investors in all utilities that Metaruffy International FZCO has or may have, establishing a long-term trust relationship with the investing community, and helping them reach knowledgeable investment decisions.
Communicating changes efficiently in a significant contract, sale, or order, or any other significant development regarding investors, community, or partners;
Ensuring effective communication of significant changes or developments in assets, services, or products, including new services or product releases. As well as timely information releases of cybersecurity risks and incidents, including vulnerabilities and breaches;
Communicating changes efficiently regarding significant changes in key personnel, including senior management or the Core Team of the Company;
Ensuring effective communication of actual or potential litigation or an inquiry by a regulatory authority; Any positive or negative developments in outstanding significant litigation or the outcome of such litigation; and updates regarding any prior material disclosure that has changed.
Please do not hesitate to contact Metaruffy International FZCO if you have any questions regarding this Policy, the investor relations function, or dealing with the investing public.